Iuliu Pop Software has immense potential to augment our human capacities. I build software tools that evolve our abilities to learn, focus & master ourselves.

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About Me

I'm a software engineer and my interests are especially inspired by this quote from Laird Hamilton, legendary surfer: "Where man and machine come together and keep evolving there's really no limitations".

To me it seems that as far as software that enhances fundamental cognitive abilities and skills, were at a very early stage. I suspect there's orders of magnitude potential progress to make if we approach problems such as enhancing learning, focus, thinking, writing and progammming ability from a first principles persective. This involves researching human cognition and developing software based on that knowledge.

Besides augmenting specific abilities, like learning, I believe software can enable self-mastery. You can view the concept of self-mastery as the ability to be congruent with and fully express one's value system. You can categorize the components which make up self-mastery as emotional, cognitive and behavioral. Today, software is often designed to capture our attention and condition our behavior to benefit the interests of companies. It doesn't invite us to question what are values are, what actions reflect what we want long term, then help us embody those values. Instead software is finely-tuned to hijack our psychology into behaviour that adds up to desirable metrics for software companies. However, software can be designed to assist and train one's ability to live according to your values. It can you draw towards what you choose to want in life, not merely immediate rewards. Imagine how such software could benefit human flourishing!

Ultimately, enhanced abilities and self-mastery generates greater human flourishing in of itself, but that capacity can be then applied to solving the most pressing problems of our age. There's nothing I wish more but to be of great service to humanity & civilization. The tools I wish to create are meant to snowball my capacity in that direction.

Effortless Browser Extension

My first forray into such tools is a tool for enhancing focus. I developed the Effortless browser extension to make being intentional and focused when using the browser effortless. You can find it on the Chrome Webstore & the source code on Github . It's still at an early stage, but I find it's on a promising path.

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The best way to contact me is through my email at iuliu.laurentiu.pop@protonmail.com